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The Bubble Tower was way cooler than I ever anticipated.” “So many positive comments.” Gaynel Tanner
Retention Coordinator,  Human Resources,  Poudre Valley Health System

“We didn’t realize it was going to be this popular!”  Kim Evelsizer, Broomfield Days

“The bubble machine was absolutely fabulous! We want the cow print version next year.” Nancy Kramer, Steamboat Springs Beaus Arts Festival

“The Bubble Tower brings the added flair and WOW experience to an event. As sponsors, The Bubble Tower brings the public to us – like a magnet, we don’t have to go searching for them….they are hypnotized.”

-Keisha Makonese, Bellco Credit Union

“Your entertainment and the bubble tower were definitely a hit last year and we would love to have you back.”

“Hello Bill, We loved the bubble blower. It was a big hit again . . . ”

Pam Cozard Colorado Walk Now for Autism Speaks Chair

“The Solar Powered Bubble Tower was an irreplaceable aspect of our Children’s Center at the Smart Energy Living Expo. It kept the children entertained for hours and freed up our human resources for other activities.” Colorado Energy Science Center

“The Solar-powered bubble tower is a tradition at the People’s Fair!  Entertaining kids and adults alike, the family area of the People’s Fair would be incomplete without the Bubble Tower!”  Roger Armstrong, CHUN Executive Director

“It was great! Our attendees LOVED it! I would change nothing! Again it was great!  I told Eric I wanted one in my backyard! “Heather Kreider, Program & Event Coordinator, The Meadows at Historic Castle Rock

“Folks don’t really like to see their

cardiologist  advertising, but we

have other services to offer.  The Bubble

Tower gives us a fun way to approach people.”

Shelly  Whitmore, Marketing   South Denver Cardiology  Assoc.
Hi Bill!!! The event was a smashing success!  We exceeded all expectations and the Bubble Tower played a major role in our success!  The kids thoroughly enjoyed the bubbles and the parents loved the “automatic babysitter” atmosphere that it provided.  We had plenty of comments about how cool the tower was and how great it was for our specific event.

Brandon Hatch,  Art For Wapiyapi,     Wapiyapi.org

[box type=”note” style=”rounded”]The Washington County Fair had the bubble tower and stilt walking party in 2010.  It was a hit!  Bubbles flying all over the fair grounds, little children trying to chase them, different age groups trying the stilts….first on buckets and then on the real wooden stilts…even teenagers! This wonderful venue helped excite the atmosphere at the fair even more!  I am going to have them back!  Wendy Sandberg, Fair Director” Washington County Fair, St George, UT[/box]

“I have utilized the solar powered bubble tower for several parties. It is always a hit: a never-fail, never-gets-old, source of wonder and fun for children, teen-agers, and adults. Guaranteed smiles at your next event! David Dye”

“a state of hyper happiness”,  John Schreck, Rocky Mountain Irish Festival      “how cool is that!”  Mrs John Schreck

A Colorado Irish Festival board member: the Bubble Tower “ is more popular than a tent full of naked women” !!!