Art Speak on the nature of the  BubbleYou®
Bubble Tower -the world’s biggest bubble toy®

“Since the Dawn of dishsoap, mankind’s fascination with bubbles is as much
akin to bath time and the innate desire to hold onto simpler childhood
recollections as it is the morbid and nihilistic symbolism of the
pointlessness of existence. A frail byproduct of surface tension, made
visible by a thin sheen of shifting form within the limited visible
spectrum of color, aka “captured by light”; that ultimately travels
aimlessly and without purpose until such a short time as the bubble, like
all life-will cease to be in the span of a singular microsecond. We all
live in our own aimless shiny bubble and the fact that mankind has made
machines to pump these things out at rave and foam parties, well…just
the point even more . . . ”  Roy Mauritsen