“Pulling Together in Rock County” was the theme for the Thursday evening parade.

Our third time in Bassett was perhaps the most dramatic, what with a tornado warning, lightning and ferocious storm cutting the festivities short.  But not before completing the parade and starting the post parade festivities.

When the lightning started, prudence required Stretchy, our Giant Parade Puppet, to retire early, so as not to become a sequined grounding rod!

I carried on for a short while, offering “free electric ear cleaning” with my jumbo cotton swab in one hand, and pointing to the sky with the other!  Too much fun!

The Bassett Lodge is a treasure with the original knotty pine paneling and a telephone switchboard right out of a Lily Tomlin  Ernestine routine.   I first discovered Sour Cream and Raisin Pie at the adjacent Ranger Cafe, and always make a point of ordering it whenever possible.  YUM!

Bassett Lodge and Range

The Bassett Lodge and Range Cafe

Hospitality, a small town virtue

Hospitality, a small town virtue

Some how I can’t imagine the Home Owners Association architectural control committee in any Denver suburb approving this paint job!  Gotta love it.  I missed meeting the owners of the Zebra House, and must go back for the story!

The Zebra House

The Zebra House !

312 CLARK ST, home to “Here’s Your Sign” Custom embroidery, vinyl, hats, t-shirts and more!

Tiny Antique Phillips 66 gas station in Basset, NE

Tiny Antique Phillips 66 gas station in Basset, NE

Many thanks to the folks at the  Nebraska Arts Council, the Bassett Arts Council, and the many, many others

who helped bring us to Bassett, NE!