The Cinco de Mayo themed Bubble Tower was popular at Mayfest Fort Worth.
Folks loved the bubbles and several commented on the bright Mexican themed
dress of the Bubble Tower. I even spotted folks taking selfies with it as
a backdrop!

The sleeves of the Bubble Tower are made entirely from reclaimed and
repurposed table cloths discarded from the rental linen industry!  Hard to
imagine, but every year thousands of damaged and out of style table linens
and chair covers are discarded.  When your warehouse is over flowing,
something has to give.  We are so happy to be able give this fabric a new
and inspiring life.

In addition, this amazing people pleaser supports s number of small
cottage enterprises including women owned businesses.

Solar powered with battery back up for silent, fume free, day or night
entertainment for your special event.  303-922-4655

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