I always check out the local newspapers when traveling to fairs and festivals. In some newspapers, a LOT of the advertisers will mention the fair : “see you at the fair” , “come to the fair”, “Fair Time Specials,” “Best of Luck to the FFA & 4H”, “enjoy the Fair, good luck participants” , “Take a break at the Fair . . . public health nurses will be on hand to answer questions” etc. in the body of their ad. In other newspapers, there is hardly a mention of the fair except for ads placed by the fair. Since it takes at least six impressions for a message to register, those extra “come to the fair” mentions are important to the success of a fair . . . and are cost free since the merchant doesn’t pay extra to advertise the fair in the body of their ad. On a similar note, some fairs are well represented at highway gas stations with posters prominently displayed, and other fairs . . . not so much. One fair in particular impressed me with the shear number of county, regional, and state agencies and NGOs that were vendors/sponsors. Health agencies, ag agencies, law enforcement. With each of these agencies adding a fair booth to their annual budget request, quite a bit of $$$ becomes available to support the fair. The efforts are cumulative and the results are impressive. Good luck and THANK YOU for a wonderful fair experience!