Had a great time at the Castle Rock Arts Festival this weekend.  Taking inspiration from our trip to Anchorage, Alaska, I brought a roll of yellow CAUTION tape to play with.  Art is something that can be easy to describe and hard to define.  But Good Art, is, I think, something that encourages one to Think, Ponder, Contemplate and Question.   With that in mind, I asked folks “if they would like to be Art?”

Some were braver than others, but most agreed to give it a go.  I then tore off a chunk of yellow CAUTION tape and either tied it around their head as a head band, or handed it to them so they “could be the artist”.  Some made the tape into ties or scarves.   Some tied the tape to their purse.


Caution!  Giant beetle!

Caution! Giant beetle! The tape is three inches wide, and the beetle is bigger!


I also looked around for “Dangerous Art”.  And tied some yellow CAUTION tape around anything pointy!  Balloon swords, and pointy balloon humming birds got warning tape.   The world’s largest beetle, from Peru, got a warning banner of tape.  Great fun was had by all with dozens of folks joining in the Caution Tape fashion parade!


Many thanks to  HawkQuest.org  for this photo of Stretch with bald eagle.

Many thanks to HawkQuest.org for this photo of Stretch with bald eagle.

We were careful to not distract the bald eagle with yellow caution tape or the umbrella!


While I can’t offer a definition of good art, I can offer a definition of Clown:

“What is a Clown?
Clown is a noun, a verb and more.  Mostly an attitude and the skill and willingness to look at something with clown eyes and share that experience with others while turning perspective upside down, sideways and inside out using one or more skills in unexpected ways to connect the previously unconnected.”

I don’t know if it is subversive to offer yellow caution tape on 9-11, but I do think it was appropriate.   I like a “light touch”,  so, I never mentioned the date.  Not sure I had to.  Comments welcome.