We introduced a new entertainment option at the Archuleta County Fair: “wonder exhibits”.  These are entries for the exhibit hall that are designed to introduce some wonder and whismy to the traditional displays of cooking, craft, gardening and husbandry displays that are a part of the county fair experience.

We started with two exhibits: Tulips and a Cow Pie, and will be introducing others as we do more fairs.

A perennial concern at county fairs is to provide programming that is appealing to the younger generation.  I think a “spot the not” contest could be a lot of fun and help make the exhibit hall more interactive and even thought provoking.

Cow Pie!

Cow Pie!

Folks found a Cow Pie surprise in the baked goods exhibits!  Along with fancy cup cakes and other tasty

entries was our mind teasing Cow Pie – complete with tail!



Many thanks to Cory Gilstrap for applying  his genius in creating these wonderful props.


Merry Go Round

Antique Merry Go Round

The Antique Merry Go Round was a delight.  A little worn, being eighty year old, but a lot of fun and

saw a lot of action.  Of course our Stilt Party saw a steady stream of participants, kids and adults testing their balance and coordination.

Push Button !

PUSH BUTTON! Kids just love the Push Button !


Our upholsted Push Button has turned into a real winner!  While waiting for the bubbles to spew from

the top of the Bubble Tower, kids (and a few parents!) try to hurry things along by pushing on the big

Push Button!


Quick Draw contest

Quick Draw contest


The Quick Draw contest was a huge draw.  Some of the contestants were in “Old West” attire, akin to

Buffalo Bill Wild West Show costuming.  Spectators and shootists alike enjoyed the electronic scoring.


Fire Truck

Fire Truck


There were quite a number of emergency response vehicles at the fair, of all sizes and descriptions.

Many thanks to the members of the Archuleta County Fair Board,  Mona Hughen, Fair Board President (who makes very yummy brownies by the way!), Fair sponsors and  the many volunteers who made this event such a delight!