Brown County Fair, Aberdeen, SD. August 15-21st, 2016

Whew ! Where do I start! With several back to back to back fairs and close to 2000 photos, where do I start? How about with this sweet couple at the Brown County Fair  in Aberdeen, SD. They spent at least 20 minutes chasing, capturing and sharing bubbles. When he would bring her a handful of bubbles, she would blow on them until they were gone, then they both would go back to chasing bubbles! Short of delirium, I don’t think it was possible for them to be happier!

The Aberdeen News was kind enough to offer a video interview opportunity. See it here!

By special request I took Thirsty, our Giant Parade Puppet into the exhibit hall to clear out the
crows and pink elephants. I am happy to declare that the sweep was successful, with nary
a single crow or pink elephant to be found!

There was sooo much to be seen at the Brown County Fair i Aberdeen, SD!