Giant Puppets dance to Trans-Siberian’s Wizards of Winter at the 2006 Carson Williams and Parker 3D’s presentation of “Symphony In Lights” at Northfield Stapleton outdoor mall in Denver, Colorado.


The 18 foot tall Dancing Parade Puppets and the 10 foot tall Dancing Christmas Trees all use color changing LED lights.


For this performance, the Giant Puppets also use xenon strobe lights in the head, flashing red LED arrays, and small plasma lights in the hands. Each puppet has eleven battery packs! We named the puppets The Ghost of Christmas Future, and The Holiday Spirit.

We can add color changing led lights to any of our Giant Parade Puppets.

We were able to store the Holiday Puppets on site at the mall in between weekend performances.

Initially, it took us several hours to dress the Puppets and install all of the lights and batteries.

Having a warm place to work helped immensely.

Each  dance performance was about 10 minutes in length.

We danced four times each night,  breaking into a terrific sweat  each time.

Followed by about 50 minutes of strolling the mall in the sub freezing weather!