We had a blast at the Logan Summerfest Art Faire in Logan UT despite the intermittent rain on Sat. http://www.logansummerfest.com/

Made LOTS of bubbles atop my 4 foot stilts next to the pan flute/Native American flute booth. GREAT music for big bubbles in a very soft breeze. Bought two CDs for later. My tummy is sore this morning with all the leg lifting ! ;>) (4 ft stilts).

A very nice community, very receptive. Kiss Fishing with the mistletoe fishing pole was like shooting fish in a barrel! About wore my back out with the Free Ear Cleaning and giving Free Weedwacker Haircuts! Because of the wet weather, I didn’t do my usual ribbon dance, but did go mustard hunting with my giant Hot Dog.

Jerry was well received with Thirsty, one of our Giant Parade Puppets. Lots of hand shakes with the toddlers, which is hard on the back, but Jerry did well. He did get into a tussle with a tree, and the tree won, flinging Jerry to the ground (well, that his story, and he’s sticking to it!) He was unhurt, but the puppet frame will need a some repair.
The festival had quite a wide range of artists, and the food was terrific! Yum!

The kids soon figured out how to catch bubbles using our bucket stilts! The solar panel on our Bubble Tower didn’t get a lot of use due to the cloud cover, but the battery back up worked fine. The Bubble Tower was quite the center of attention, and the three dozen wood stilts we brought were very popular as well.

When it was time to pack up, folks were eager to help collect the three dozen wood stilts and carry them to our truck. A BIG time saver, and very much welcomed! Thank You! And a BIG THANK YOU to David Sidwell for the photos.

Now to unpack, wash the soap off the Bubble Tower covers and stilt pants, make repairs, resole the wood stilts, do laundry, answer a multitude of emails, and enjoy the memories!

Mmmm!  Hot Dog!  Who's got the mustard?

Mmmm! Hot Dog! Who's got the mustard?

Bill and his Giant Hot Dog