stilt walker  "Tux"

Tux the stiltwalker makes a terrific promoter for your event, capable of greeting hundreds of guests an hour, and handing out your swag or promotional material in style!

CCM Events and the Town of Dillon Colorado promote the Lake Dillon Arts Festival at the Dillon Farmers Market in the weeks ahead of the arts festival by having TUX the stilt walker distribute free raffle tickets at the Dillon Farmer’s Market. Patrons have a chance to win a $1000 shopping spree at the Lake Dillon Arts Festival, and must be present to win! How cool is that?! What a fun way to generate buzz for your event!

Raffel ticket

Someone will win the $1000 good art shopping spree! It could be you . . . or someone you know . . . but you will need a raffle ticket! Get your complimentary raffle ticket right here !

Front page of the Dillon newspaper - 7-2-2011

“Bill ‘Stretch’ Coleman was the center of attention as he walked around the Dillon Farmer’s Market on stilts Friday. Coleman, who specializes in the theatrics, was out and about promoting the upcoming Lake Dillon Arts Festival July 16 and 17. The Frisco Arts Festival takes place today and tomorrow on 3rd and Main in Frisco.”

So much fun in fact that the local paper put TUX on their front page!