Utah State Fair
“Hi Bill!
We were so pleased with the Bubble Tower and Stilt Party. It was even
better than we
imagined. We loved watching both kids and adults being thoroughly
entertained with
the falling bubbles. There were smiles everywhere. It is a simple, yet
machine. There is so much thought put into its construction and design.
It’s solar,
no cords to trip over, just set it up and go. Filling it was simple and
quick, and
didn’t disrupt the interaction, and lasted for hours. Plus the delay on
the blower
gave kids a moment to relax and gave parents the opportunity to take their
kids when
it was time to go. We also loved how it drew families back to that corner
of the
I am so glad we added the stilts to our package. Older children and
teenagers seemed
fascinated by these, (and that’s a tough crowd to please!) It was truly a
delightful addition to our fair and added just the right amount of fun and
simplicity that we needed.
If I had a magic wand I would change other areas of the park that had
nothing to do
with you. You guys were fabulous!
We will definitely have you back!”

Nicki Claeys, Activity and Education ManagerUtah State FairSalt Lake City
Comments from our wonderful Patrons ! We have enjoyed working and playing with you!