The BubbleYou℠ Bubble Tower -the world’s biggest bubble toy! ® was popular with young and old alike at the Asian Pacific Festival.

Verlo Mattress Factory sponsored the solar powered BubbleYou℠ Bubble Tower -the world’s biggest bubble toy !® at the Asian Pacific Festival in Boulder Colorado. Sited on the court house lawn, just off of the Pearl Street Mall, the bubble tower was the perfect place to relax with the kids . . . of all ages! Many thanks to Verlo Mattress for making this possible.

Sponsorships derive their value from three major sources: reach, passion and engagement.*

By creating an emotional connection, the BubbleYou℠ Bubble Tower engages your guests, and invokes their passion. Call or write today for more information on how the world’s biggest bubble toy ® can work on your behalf.

*Jim Andrews, Senior Vice President