Our solar powered BubbleYou® Bubble Tower –the world’s biggest bubble toy® ! was a hit at the Greeley Colorado Oktoberfest September 29, 2012. A bright and beautiful day in Lincoln Park. Many thanks to the Greeley Downtown Development Authority and the Greeley office of Kaiser Permanente for sponsoring the BubbleYou℠ Bubble Tower -the world’s biggest bubble toy ® at Oktoberfest.

Remember, we can put YOUR banners on the solar powered BubbleYou® Bubble Tower –the world’s biggest bubble toy® !
No waiting in lines, no ticket entry, no generator fumes, but unlimited hours of fun!
The Bubble Tower allows your company, community group or non profit to be featured, and visible from across the festival grounds. You’ll be a hero when you sponsor the BubbleYou® Bubble Tower!

“The Bubble Tower brings the added flair and WOW experience to an event. As sponsors, The Bubble Tower brings the public to us – like a magnet, we don’t have to go searching for them….they are hypnotized.” -Keisha Makonese, Bellco Credit Union

“The Bubble Tower was a tremendous success . . .the hit of the Festival. The kids just loved it.” “The (sponsors) NBC News3 team was happy and so was NV Energy.”
Greg Toussaint, Lakes Festival of Lights, Las Vegas, NV

“Hi Bill, Thank you for the pictures!! Nick said it was a very good event with lots of foot traffic to the Bubble Tower and to our tent. . . it really got our name out there.”
Dick Sumerfield, Verlo Mattress Factory Stores Boulder/Longmont

“Folks don’t really like to see their cardiologist advertising, but we
have other services to offer. The Bubble Tower gives us a fun way to approach people.”
Shelly Whitmore, Marketing South Denver Cardiology Assoc.

Use the Bubble Tower as a center piece, gate way, or activity feature, and
give the media and your guests something new and exciting to talk about!

“A big tie-dyed tower spewing bubbles all day long… bubbles that filtered and floated everywhere around the park. The kids LOVED them… and so did the adults. And so did the PRESS. I told the media it would be there and they all wanted to film it and photograph it! We had 4 of the 5 local TV stations onsite – and everyone got a shot of it. (Not to mention the Denver Post).” Dana Cain, Imagine Peace Paint-In on John Lennon’s birthday

Fun, eco-friendly, and unique, the BubbleYou® Bubble Tower instantly creates a warm festive atmosphere that people respond to. Since the Bubble Tower draws so much concentrated attention at events, it serves as a wonderful and creative way to advertise your business or non profit organization.

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Tie dye, rainbow, pink sequin, COW, COFFEE, Rainbow ZEEbra and Americana red/white/blue designs.
Custom design commissions and suggestions are welcomed.