What do you call it when 30 some folks, from seven countries and seven states get together to blow bubbles? Why, Bubble DAZE of course! Held at the Exploratorium in San Francisco March 2 – 5th. Organized by bubbleoligist Sterling Johnson and Brian Lawrence, this marks the third year for this annual convention. Bubble aficionados from as far afield as Denmark, France, New Zealand , Canada, Scotland and Australia will instruct, demonstrate, study and play with soap bubbles. Soap bubble geometry, tools, and solutions will be

World records for largest and longest bubbles will be attempted. A number of the attendees have more than 20 years experience, and some have more than 30 years!

Sly makes a BIG Bubble early in the morning outside the Exploratorium.

Kal, Sly, Linda, Sterling and Brian after many attempts, succeeds to place, one inside the other, a total of four bubbles, one each inside the other!

The Bubble Daze convention in San Francisco was an incredible experience with 30 participants from seven countries and at least seven states. I’m still not “over it” and won’t be for some time.

I can’t thank enough all of the folks who made this event possible, and such an outstanding success. Many, many thanks to the Exploratorium who were so kind to host us.

Many thanks, hugs, and high fives to the organizers Sterling “Bubble Smith” Johnson and Brian Lawrence whose inexhaustible effort, warmth and hospitality made this experience so memorable, effective, informative and exhilarating.

The weather in San Francisco alternated from warmish and pleasant to cold, damp and rainy, but we had a blast even so. Soap bubbles the size of automobiles were only one of the many creations. Among our 30 participants were multi million selling bubble toy and bubble formula inventors each with multiple patents, world traveling entertainers and book authors, a pastor, an attorney and Alan McKay, Large Bubble World Record holder. Pastor Philip Noble is also an origami guru, and co founder of the World String Figure Society. I think I dropped the collective IQ of this group by about 20 points when I walked in the room! Great company!

Much like Burning Man, the Bubble Daze convention was a participatory experience. Each and every one of the attendees participated. Be it the chemistry of bubble formulas, show formats and bubble tricks, bubble history and even stories of careers, patents, and world records made and broken were freely given and enjoyed. Special thanks to Tom Noddy for sharing his many wonderful experiences with us.

Although we didn’t break any records, at least one bubble was 50 feet long. I made giant bubbles while on stilts. I don’t know of anyone else that does that, so I guess that makes me a “world record holder” !
I had a “Flat Stanley” request from Toby Kid, so we took some photos of Flat Stanley while we were in SF. I have attached one for your viewing pleasure ! It is hard to make out, but FS is on my chest in the photo.