Dear Art and/or Craft Fair or Festival event promoter,

Ever wonder what you can do to more effectively bring in more customers and increase the quality and quantity of exhibitors?

So WHAT is the BEST advertising? The BEST PR ? Word of mouth is the best. What we now call social marketing, or 2.0 marketing. So ask yourself WHAT are you doing to get folks

talking about your events?

Entertainment is one topic that can create a buzz. Recently I asked “Why DO events hire strolling entertainers? Strolling entertainers can :
flag traffic, draw attention, show the way, act as ambassadors of good will, act as a landmark, entertain those waiting in line so they don’t get bored and leave, keep the kids out of the (paying) adults hair, keep the kids out of the venders hair, advertise/give recognition to event sponsors, keep the venders happy until the doors open, . . .”



These are some of the answers from three old pros with decades of experience, 1000’s of shows, and hundreds of festivals and special events between them. They know their business! :

Evan Young answered:

“In my opinion, the best thing about strolling entertainment is that they give you something to take pictures of/with. It gives media something to take an interesting picture of.”

HOW about that! Hire quality variety entertainment and get your event on the front page of your newspaper! At the Peace Paint in with Dana Cain, FOUR TV STATIONS covered the solar Powered Bubble Tower. FOUR! Our web hits went through the roof!

GAV wrote:

“Strollers fill the gaps between the ‘set’ attractions making an event more full of entertainment. They help create a more festive atmosphere within the whole area.
I’ve noticed that in the case of shopping centers, strollers are the best form of entertainment as people seem less willing to gather in a crowd and hang around to watch a ‘set’ performance.”

Kate writes:

“We keep people on the grounds so they don’t wander off after the shows.”

What a concept!

Now why hire a CLOWN? I’ll tell ya why! Because a trained CLOWN, like NO other entertainer, gives your guests permission! Permission to be child like, to be relaxed, to enjoy the moment. And folks that are enjoying themselves are your best guests, and your vendor’s best customer!

A good clown will entertain your guests. From ages 3 to 93. A great clown will make all your guests remember. Remember not just your event, but how good they felt at your event!

So my advice is if you want better exhibitors, make it a better event! Hire some quality entertainment, some variety entertainment, hire a trained CLOWN and give something for folks and the media to talk about, to photograph, to post to Youtube and Twitter and Facebook and the local media.

I know Art and/or Craft Festivals are always looking to boost their attendance, AND attract quality exhibitors. And wouldn’t ya know it, we can help them attract traditional and social media attention!