We took two of our Dancing Christmas Trees for a spin last night at Southlands, a big outdoor mall.

We made a swing around the ice rink,>and played with the patrons at and the pub/bistro. We had a great time on our quest for Tree Huggers! We posed for photos and kept warm dancing to our lively Christmas music.Great fun!Many patrons were under dressed for the breezy cold, and/ or stressed out, and didn’t linger, but would greet us as they went by. Others would give us a quick hug or a hand shake and pose for photos. We went inside the Santa Shop to warm up, and photos!Christmas Eve at Winter Park was very FUN, windy and cold! But especially FUN!

Call today to reserve our Dancing Christmas Trees for your holiday events. About ten feet tall, available in silver or traditional green, our trees are equipped with color changing LED lights and self contained holiday music system. Perfect for parades, tree lightings, retail promotions, corporate events and holiday cheer!

Christmas Peanut Brittle