Is your exhibit hall boring ?
Do you want more participation ?
is your 4-H engaged ?
Does the media cover your exhibit hall?
Looking for a fun hook for your exhibit hall press release?

Give the media and your guests something new and exciting to talk about and remember!

! People remember how you made them feel!

COWpie and Twolips for your exhibit hall “spot the not” contest

TwoLips spot
Thought you might enjoy this, and possibly give you some ideas for
engagement with your exhibits.
A fun new contest to bemuse and enchant
your guests.

? contest for creating the best fake exhibit
? contest to find all of the fake exhibits
? which team can create the best fake exhibit
? vote for the best fake exhibit
? best photo for social media

How will your 4-H group use the Spot the Not Exhibits?

I’ll bring these fake exhibits for your “spot the not”
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