HIGH! JOANN and Friends!

Last year was so difficult, and we are so thankful. It would have been easy to have cut back to two Dancing Christmas Trees, but in spite of the poor economy, all four of us were asked back for the Vail Tree Lighting.
So here is our “Thank You” : a Menorah for our Tree Wrangler to carry. Hope you like it.

It was great to see everyone again, hope you had as much fun as we did.

Took me about a week to make the Menorah (on my kitchen counter! oh, for a proper workshop!) Each flame (or bulb) has five or six LEDs, and all together, draws about 15 watts. The LEDs slowly blink and change color. Power is run through an inverter, and the battery is good for about two hours. This is a “mixed media” using repurposed Christmas Tree ornaments , aluminum, urethane, pvc and various coatings. Here is the Light String, I used.

I found it at Lowes, they had only one set, and later when I went back, they had not restocked. I understand Costco may stock them.

More photos from the event!   Thank you Michelle for sharing!